Fast Horror

The Speed of Terror

Everything today is fast, instant.  Is it possible to create horror content to match this pace?  Is 30 seconds enough to put a real scare into an audience?  How about 15 seconds?  I believe it CAN be done – but it won’t be easy  The main issue is audience empathy.  In order to really feel terror, the audience MUST put themselves in the place of the main character.

Fragments of Fright

I think the key is individual shorts that ultimately add up to something terrifying. 30 seconds of terror or creepiness that are part of something larger.  30 seconds to pique the curiosity regarding the rest of the story.  It’s ultimately a challenge of efficiency regarding story and character.  Movie trailers are masters of the short form and work extraordinarily well on the internet.

A Web of Horror

Then there’s the web – a distribution platform that offers a staggering amount of cross pollination opportunities.  It’s new art form – blended entertainment – video and social media working together to achieve a larger experience – complete with audience participation and contribution – UGC, man UGC.  Trent Reznor did it beautifully with his Year Zero project.  One big, dark, evil rabbit hole to disappear into.   Mmmmmm –  a delightfully wicked way to spend one’s time…

Yes, I am blushing...

Yes, I am blushing…

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