Brave New Skulls

Attention, horror fans:

SkullDug Films is adding two new authors to contribute to the LooksDark Blog.  My old evil pal from centuries ago Mr. Seymour Blood and a brand new fiend of mine Little Miss Mad. They will be providing film reviews and short stories so be sure to check in often or just subscribe and get all of our blood before it has a chance to coagulate.  Heh, heh…I said coagulate…I will also be updating all SkullDug productions with behind the scenes peeks and pre-production notes and musings…so if yo like that kind of stuff, be sure to subscribe and share it with anyone else who might be interested – plus, you’ll get sneak peeks at all of our new stuff before it’s released.  Now doesn’t that make you feel special?


Dig the Dark.


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