Our Skulls Runneth Over…

First of all, thanks to all you new subscribers and welcome to the LooksDark Blog.  I know it’s been a little while between posts, but I’ve been really busy digging up some rotted treasures for your enjoyment.  So let’s get right to it…I promised updates and behind the scenes information regarding what’s being exhumed here at SkullDug Films so here goes…

  • AreaZ – short subject
    • Log line:   A distraught widower, his son and a bungling neighbor embark upon a mission of revenge against a former place of employment only to expose a conspiracy far darker than they ever imagined.
    • In pre-production – research phase complete – currently on 3rd draft of script
    • Will be posting research material sneak peek in a week or so.
  • Dark90 – serial webisodes – A little slice of horror in 90 seconds or less.
    • First episode – “One Man’s Treasure”  – log line:  Criminals unearth a treasure chest in the forest but get more than they bargained for.
    • currently in storyboard phase – hope to post some sneak peeks this month.

Please, stop that knocking, please!

  • Ravens – 2nd Poe re-imagining project
      • Log line:  A man, consumed by grief and books, is tormented by a visitor in a lonely, decayed steampunk apartment.
    • Currently in pre-production/production design phase.
    • Script in 2nd draft.




  • TeamZ:  Web series
    • log line:  Got zombies?  Call TeamZ for all your Living Dead Eradication Services – prices to suite any budget – all members licensed and bonded.
    • In pre-production.
  • Symbol14
    • Sorry, this one’s a secret!  But we are in production research stage – oh yeah, this will have a crowd sourcing component as well as some transmedia storytelling – my skull is humming!

Oh yes, I almost forgot – there’s a new SkullDug short story that I’ve just been putting the finishing touches on.  It’s part of a series called “Tales from the Boschard” and I hope to posting it in the next several days.

Dig The Dark,

JerrySkullDugSmall2PS.  Look for a SkullDug website redesign in the next month or so…