About SkullDug Films
Freshly dug skulls, yum!
Blood splatters
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At SkullDug Films, we’re taking advantage of the huge need for low-cost content that the internet distribution networks have created.  Disruptive technologies like new, high resolution cameras (RED, BlackMagic Design), DSLRs, and a host of desktop production tools whose price tags have become affordable enough to fit modest budgets, have made it possible to produce relatively high quality content with a very low budget threshold.


SkullDug prefers clever filmmaking to big budgets.  We find it far more fulfilling to create engaging content on a shoestring.  We’re happy to go where the big studios fear to tread – fast, funky, campy and above all else – fun!  Stay tuned – we’re planning some fun projects – just give us some time to wring some innovative ideas from our skulls (and funds from investors)!


Of course we need your help - an audience is the most precious commodity to a content developer.  Your feedback is like treasure to us so let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll try to wrap our skulls around it! EvilMail Us!

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